Wedensday and Friday
All The Rage

Hey dudes and dudettes. I learned HTML today, so I'm trying it out ALL over this little blurb thingy that we webcartoonists love so very very much.

So if you are one of the DropFork conquests from Pittsburg, howdy. Hope you enjoy what you've seen, and feel free to drop me an email at Say good, say bad, just say. Its nice to know you're out there.

On a totally unrelated note, this whole dwarf boxing thing actually happened to both myself and Mr. Hatton. The brainchild of the incorrigable Mr. Y, I was shown the advertisement a couple weeks back, after a day of not being able to write jack squat, and said... "If there isn't a Silver Rage in this, then I quit." I got two out of it.
No more dwarf boxing after this. I promise.

Until next Wednesday,
B. Ellis

(P.S. I didn't really use that much HTML here... but I did other places. I'm still happy with me.)
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