Wedensday and Friday

Sorry about the late update folks, little bit of computer troubles. On a positive note, I just got a new bargain basement scanner that should make things look nicer than the beat up old scanner I have now. Thanks, Mitch!

So its Wednesday... and I've got new books! *sniff* With that new book smell, too! I haven't fully digested everything from this week, but notables right off the bat are Truth, Justin, and the American Way #2, American Virgin #3, Superman #652, annnnnd... well, at least the end of X-Men: the 198. God, for what was such a promising title in the days post-decimation, that was a really crappy book. Not Sentinel Squad crappy, but... crappy.

While we're on the subject, is it just myself and the enigmatic yet irresistable Tim Stevens who think that Battle for Bludhaven is a pile? Please email me at, if I'm wrong or right.

That's it for this week.

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