Wedensday and Friday


I almost died bringing you this comic.

Seriously, it is raining cats and dogs and kittens in Pop Tart boxes out there right now (being 12 something Friday morning). I'd say be careful on those roads, but you're safely reading this from the realm of tomorrow.... so whatever.

Great googly moogly, Cartoon Network killed Kirby, stole his soul, splattered it on my screen, and called it Minoriteam. I believe that phrase is "holy crap."

So my previously mentioned friend, who has been and shall remain referred to as the enigmatic Mr. Y, has given me one of the coolest things I've ever received: a silver Zippo with a rorschach blot design. It kind of looks like a... like a dog with its head split in half. Depressing. At least I have my sugar cubes.

Until next time, kronch kronch

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