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Yossarian: A Lesson in Genetics

One-shot, no updates
This one-shot -- 11 strips, two weeks' worth -- dates to my college days and Yos's tenure at Ka Leo O Hawaii (the Voice of Hawaii, the University of Hawaii student newspaper). There are several other series from Yos's college career I'm considering posting (I could get away with a lot back then...) and -- if I really want to embarass myself -- I've even got a couple of his appearances in my high school newspaper, Ka Leo O Kalaheo.
A few notes. In Hawaii we had these giant, "B-52" flying cockroaches -- that's what I had in mind... you hear those things buzzing (more like a deep, throaty hum than a wimpy "buzz") in the darkness and that'll put the fear in you. One of them runs into you, it hurts. Nasty.
Also -- that dorm room they're in (and standing in front of) is very specifically based on the dorm where I lived for several years, Hale Noelani.
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