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Yossarian: Escape from the Lost Survivors of Castaway Island

Yossarian: Escape from the Lost Survivors of Castaway Island

One-shot, no updates
In an adventure from his college days (and the college run of the strip), Yossarian and his then-girlfriend visit an oddly familiar island.
I'm going to use these bottom-of-the-page comments as a sort of commentrack, so here goes.

This strip originally ran almost 20 years ago in Ka Leo O Kalaheo, the student newspaper of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Looking back at some of those strips I'm still amazed at what I could get away with in print. Thsi was really the third run of Yossarian, after a few very sketchy strips in high school and an original college run using much more primative drawing techniques -- as I recall I was drawing them with a felt-tip technical pen on 8x10 graph paper. By thsi time I had discovered good art pens -- I think I was using a felt-tip fountain pen with a nicely springy nib and a good line, the Fountain Pentel -- and bristol. They were starting to look... well, decent, at least.
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