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Updated utterly randomly.
Those "flashbacks" are clips from college strips, circa... 1989? The "Smith and Wesson, I'm bored" line is a reference to an ad campaign that was current back then -- anyone remeber the old "Mastercard, I'm bored" ads on TV? One of the clips is from "A Lesson in Genetics," which I've already posted as its own one-shot; the Australia one may end up being posted as well (it was a long, drawn-out continuity done over the summer months).
And with this strip, I switched to 'SUnday' format, where it would remain for years... easy when you're only drawing one a week. When I go to regular new strips (three a week?) I may switch back to "daily strip" size.
A special 'Yossarian' strip done five years ago, after 9/11.

I did this strip right after 9/11, and i still don't know how I'll finish that conversation with my son when it happens.

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