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The music industry is a curious animal. It gives the "illusion" of being pure and brave willing to take risks in the name of creativity, when in "reality", It is a business like any other business trying to make money.

My friend Darryl sent me this article:

 It talks about how the record labels want more money for licensing songs to Guitar Hero. To me it is just the cry of an industry that cannot handle change. This is an industry that still charges $18.99 for a CD, a technology that has been available for 26 years in the US. Being an independent musician, I know that I can make a run of CD's for about $1 a disc. Buying in bulk, that number would go down. The industry needs to realize they are pricing them selves out of the market and offering junk to boot. Look at DVD's: Launched in 1997 in the U.S. at about $30, you now buy a DVD for an average of $15. And that industry is changing technology again! The music industry is very stagnent and needs some change. Which is coming...whether they like it or not.

So Why Dan Fogelberg? Well, the punch line for this month's strip came from my friend Chris (, who also designed my logo. The original punchline was going to be the "Yanni Edition", but my wife is a big Yanni fan, so I decided to change it to Dan Fogelberg. I was trying to think of a good "Soft Rock" artist when I thought about Dennis Leary's "No Cure for Cancer" CD from the 90's and remembered the skit he did about suing Dan Fogelberg and James Taylor for turning him into a wimp.

Not that I have a problem with Dan Fogelberg, I just think that he is the polar opposite of what "Guitar Hero" is about.

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