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Welcome to my first monthly music feature! I really labored over what artist I wanted to feature first. There are so many excellent bands out there and I really want to share all that music with all of you. The problem is where to start. Well, I thought about it and thought about it and decided on the perfect band to open with. The funny thing is not a band at is a Podcast!

I want to introduce all of you to the “Iron City Rocks” Podcast hosted by my friend John Katic over at For the past 10 years the Pittsburgh music scene has been declining. The number of venues available for musicians to perform seem to be less and less each year and that results in less touring acts coming through.  I have been saying for years that our scene is dying and that something needs to be done. That is where John comes in.

John’s Podcast promotes local Pittsburgh music of all genres. John is doing what he can to help promote and rebuild the music scene here in Pittsburgh, and he is doing a great job. Thanks to these Podcasts, I have discovered and purchased new music and I have learned a lot about the lives of our local musicians.

My comics have featured the band “Winger” for the recent story about shakes with today’s strip tying up lose ends about Reb Beach joining the band. Obviously my story has been fictitious, but Reb Beach certainly is not. In fact, he is local Pittsburgher and the subject of episode 15. John’s interview is GREAT and Reb is a really nice guy. I really enjoyed listening to Reb talk about his carer and especially his start with Winger.

Give John’s Podcast a listen, especially episode 15:

Next week will end the Shakes story, I have a small twist planned.

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