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"You wanted the best, and you got it! The Hottest Band in the land.....KISS!!!!"

That is the opening statement on KISS' first live album. The next thing you hear are the opening chords to "Deuce". KISS is my all time favorite band. I have seen several shows (including two shows with make-up, at which my entire family attended), had my picture taken with Gene and Paul, dressed as Gene Simmons for Halloween (for a Halloween show that my band in College played), and made a pilgrimage to COBO hall in Detroit.

I was first introduced to KISS on my 12th birthday by my friend John. He brought the 45 of "Heaven's On Fire"  and played it at my party... and that was all I needed to hear. From that moment on I wanted to play guitar and I wanted to be like KISS. By my 13th Birthday, I was obsessed with guitars and with KISS and I started playing the bass guitar. And the best part...About 80% of all guitar players have a similar story.

KISS is probably the most influential band in the world, inspiring musicians in a diverse range from Garth Brooks to Anthrax. They have inspired generations of guitarists and helped discover some of the most important artists of our time (does Van Halen ring a bell?). And if you have ever seen them live I am sure that you will agree, if you have tickets to a KISS show, you will not miss that show for ANYTHING!!!

Currently, Kiss is on tour to celebrate 35 years since those words were first uttered. And on Halloween this year, KISS will play a show in New Orleans. In full make up....and I wish I could be there.
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