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The Adison Summer Shakespeare Repertory Theatre

as fickle as the wind.
Elizabeth, the master electrician, who is usually in an eterna-cranky mood. In addition to being eternally cranky, she is also eternally horny, eternally hungry and eternally unable to resist sleeping with actors. She claims that the majority of male fantasies can generally be fulfilled with at least 10 feet of tie line, a roll of gaffe tape and her bra.
This is Jane, the scenic charge artist for the theatre. Jane is usually a little happier than Elizabeth, but then, she's a painter. She gives Elizabeth a lot of shit for sleeping with actors, but she probably would too if she wasn't engaged to her high school sweetheart in what is, during the course of the storyline, a long distance relationship. She figures it is probably okay, because she paints better when sexually frustrated.
Jane and Elizabeth are actually pretty good friends, although in any other circumstance, they probably wouldn't have bothered talking to each other in the first place.
More of Jane and Elizabeth. There's an actual plotline to all this, but I don't like working on things in a linear manner if I can help it. This one would be middle-ish in terms of storyline, when Jane and Elizabeth are decent enough friends and Jane's having fiance issues.
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