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Some places are so dangerous, it's best to give them a wide birth.
Charlie Green (oldbogus) says: Huh?
John Platt (johnplatt) says: Deliciously creepy and funny!
John Platt (johnplatt) says: Those open-mouthed hippos crack me up!
Robert Smith (duckparade) says: Thanks. It's how I always imagine them; I think it has something to do with their outlook on life.
John Platt (johnplatt) says: Classic!
Robert Smith (duckparade) says: Thanks. I've got a few lawyer friends, but they haven't unleashed anything on me yet, so it must be fairly innocuous.
Charlie Green (oldbogus) says: My condolences. Sounds like a great Dad. My own Dad is of the same generation and is 94. I never know when The Call will come from the Veterans Home he lives in. He was a US Army Air Force bombardier stationed in England in WWII where, during one return mission, they ditched in the English Channel.
Robert Smith (duckparade) says: Charlie Green: Thank you. I think that generation showed tremendous courage. My father ditched in the North Sea at one point. He was sent on a mission to torpedo bomb a dike behind which a Panzer group was lurking. The mission was successful, but shore batteries got him as he was flying low and slow over the target.
Charlie Green (oldbogus) says: Sad but possibly a true story.
Robert Smith (duckparade) says:

Thanks for your comment.

When every car comes with a computer or a popup display, I think I'll hide in a bunker somewhere.

Charlie Green (oldbogus) says: Great 'toon. Thanks from a Yank vet.
Robert Smith (duckparade) says: Oldbogus: Thanks for your comment. It's a small thing in honor of a great sacrifice.
Charlie Green (oldbogus) says: Duck!
Robert Smith (duckparade) says: Yes. He only gets on quack at it.
Charlie Green (oldbogus) says: Poor duck. Send in the math guy!
Charlie Green (oldbogus) says: Obviously it's a mutant salmander! He's right; no frogs!
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