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alternates with Quirks and others
Art without imagination is mere photocopying.
Tiptoeing through a village.
There's more to life than profit and loss.
Little acts of kindness can bring unexpected rewards.
Preparation is half the fun.
Trees possess a special kind of magic.
Everyone needs a little help now and again.
They'll rust before they shoot each other.
Timing is everything.
All you need is the right kind of stairway.
When you get alien craft materials, make something unusual.
What is a birthday without friends and cake?
We see what we expect to see.
Treat a rock kindly, and you'll make a friend for life.
Time is motion.
No one owns the sea and the sand.
Everyone needs a bedtime story now and again.
The first step is the hardest.
If you don't ask for directions, how will you know where you're going?
Some people will do anything to be loved.
Music helps people pull themselves together.
It's a good idea to walk your pet at least once a day.
Dolls come in all shapes and sizes.
Some creatures are running out of places to hide.
Nightmares can be deleted with the proper tools and a little imagination.
Nothing is simple.
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