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This is the start of a longer sequence featuring Tia.
Although a feather may seem a commonplace thing, it holds many secrets for those curious enough to investigate.
When travelling to distant lands, it's wise to keep your eyes open for hazards and opportunities.
It can be difficult meeting a lot of new people all at the same time.
Most birds are good at flying, but not all birds are good at landing.
Messengers who bring bad news should make sure they know where the exits are.
Dream worlds are not always pleasant.
People build things in the most surprising places.
Dream a little dream with me....
We're rarely given all of the information we'd like.
One thing leads to another....
A good sampan can sail anywhere.
Harmony is easily broken, not so easily restored.
Even dragons have their limits.
Love is stronger than reason or fear.
Technology is neutral: whether it is used for good or evil depends on us.
Not all knights are noble; not all dragons are evil.
Some illusions are more dangerous than others.
Dragons are tougher than they look.
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