Twice a week at least.

#9 was a caption contest with winners name written into the scene below his caption! congrats Mephansteras!

I liked his caption the best and it fit quite well, and we had several runners up.

1st: Albedo
Urist: The entire season? All the logs?
Olin: You said you wanted bins.
Urist: Yes, but not THIRTY of them!

2nd: SimRobert2001
"hey urist, are you sure we don't have enough food to last through winter?"
Urist: "i'm sure. now go slaughter for favorite pets.

and 3rd: ousire
"hey urist, we hit magma further down the warehouse! i opened the pipe for ya!"
"excelent, i'll tell the others and we can-wait...already tapped?..."

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