Friday Night, Saturday Morning.

Happy Halloween!!!

Hey you! "Commute of the Living Dead: Volume 3" is anow available on ETSY at:  (You can also pick up "Volumes 1 and 2" too, if you are so inclined.)  ...Plus, we got tons of awesome Halloween cards for sale too!!

Then, show us you love us, and like “Commute of the Living Dead” on Facebook at:

 ...and when you are done with all that, you can check out other great weekly comics as part of the Sunday Comics Project in the on-line version of Boston's very own Dig Boston...look under the "Comics" tab at:  Hurrah!!!!

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Eric Boeker documents the trials and tribulations of the ever-growing, Generation-X, coffeehouse-loving, zombie horde in the "Commute of the Living Dead". ... full profile