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Everyday Heroes for Monday, April 21st, 2014 by Ed Gedeon

Previously in Everyday Heroes ...
At Gloria and Greta's house ...

In case you haven't read the cast page, that's Dr. Glen Goode, Gloria & Greta's father.  He's a veterinarian, so yes he knows how to "fix" dogs and cats.  Bob Barker would be so proud.

Steve, Lee, and Gloria are all dressed as charactes from Disney's "Frozen".  And I'm going to have to keep drawing them in these same outfits for the whole chapter.  I must hate myself.

Sorry for the single update last week ... we should be back to regular Monday and Friday updates.  I'll get the TWC Vote incentives updated again, too.

As for the "TWC Hippos in Heaven" art contest, we came in fifth place.  Seems to be our lot to be stuck in the middle of the pack.

Hope you had a good holiday weekend.

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