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Mister Mighty
A minor-league superhero hoping to work his way up to the majors, Mister Mighty tries to balance work and home life while fighting for Truth, Justice, and the Suburbian Way. ... more
Jane Mighty
Jane is the wife of Mister Mighty. She normally calls him "M" for short. While she has no superpowers, she is more than just a simple stay-at-home Mom. Her martial-arts skills alone make her a fearsome force during PTA meetings. ... more
Summer Mighty
Being a teen-age superhero sucks. Summer is working on controlling her newly-developing powers, while at the same time trying to live as normal a life as any other high-schooler. She can defeat aliens, but can she conquer algebra? ... more
Steve Mighty
Steve is a regular guy with no superpowers. He plays football, enjoys video games, and has learned to stay out of his sister's way when she's in a bad mood. ... more
Carrie Pelosi
Carrie is Summer's classmate and friend. She's a perfectly normal teenage girl -- except for her enormous head of hair, which somehow doesn't impede her vision. She's optimistic, smiling, and disgustingly cheerful. ... more
Lee Free
Lee is Steve's friend and classmate. Their friendship is based on their mutual love of Guitar Hero, and their mutual confusion about girls. ... more
Matt O'Morph
The team leader of S.A.V.E.U.S., Matt has a flexible body that can stretch and squeeze through small openings. He is a confident and effective leader. ... more
Dot Dash
Dot is the deputy leader of S.A.V.E.U.S. She has super-fast feet, super-quick hands, and a super-short temper. ... more
Shrinking Violent
Violet Klein is the team administrator for S.A.V.E.U.S. Normally tall and thin, but when hit on the nose she turns into a tiny, muscular berserk fighter. ... more
Dolly Bird
Dolly is a human-bird hybrid, and a member of S.A.V.E.U.S. She uses her voice to stun opponents, and can deliver powerful kicks (aided by steel-spiked boots). She refers to teammate G-Nat as her brother. ... more
G-Nat is a human-insect hybrid. He is good with electronics, and skilled at infiltrating enemy territory. He treats teammate Dolly Bird as his sister. ... more
Simon Burke Davidson (SBD for short) is the victim of an invisibility experiment gone wrong. He can turn invisible, but at the same time emits an unbearably bad odor. He's good to have on your side if you can hold your breath. ... more
Supporting Cast: Aurum, Jane Captain Obvious Free, Ginny Free, Lee Jr. Free, Lee Sr. Generic, Ed Generic, Joan Goode, Glen Goode, Gloria Goode, Greta Goode, Jenny Hornswoggle Latt, Ryan Lieder, Vern Mecha-Nichole Morse, Robert Morse, Xavier Mysterious Watchful Presence Odious, Cameron Odious, Jan Odious, Melvin Odious, Odin Pelosi, John Quipleure, Jean Quipleure, Uma Scary Mary Scheid, Marita Sharpley, Ben Sharpley, Thump Sharpley, Zinger Skimmer, Julia Unpleasant, Dooley Unpleasant, June Unpleasant, Marilee Weapons, Carmichael Weapons, Hannah Weapons, Jerome Weapons, Otto Weirdlike, Winslow Wrecking Paul Wunsch, J.P.

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I'm a middle-aged computer programmer from Indiana, but I've always enjoyed doodling and drawing. After discovering webcomics recently, I decide to try my hand at creating one. My wife thinks I'm crazy. My wife is a very sensible woman. ... full profile