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Mister Mighty

NAME: Marion John Mighty AGE: 48
HAIR: dark EYES: brown
HEIGHT: 6'3" (190 cm)
WEIGHT: 225 lbs (100 kg)
RACE: Caucasian
POWERS: Super strength, resistant to damage, super-sharp eyesight, exceptional night vision.

Extraordinary genes run in the Mighty family. A number of his relatives have superpowers of one sort or another; however, none of them match the strength, speed, or spirit of Mr. Mighty himself.

The oldest of 5 children, young Marko (as his friends called him) showed an early aptitude for doing good. Even before his powers started to develop, he was bigger and stronger than average. At school, he kept a protective eye on smaller children, making sure they weren't being bullied by the bigger kids. When his superpowers started to develop at adolescence, he eagerly set out to develop them to their maximum potential. His goal was simply to be the best hero that the Mighty family had ever seen.

At the start, his hero career was highly successful. His first assignment was with the Team Hoping to Uphold Decency (T.H.U.D.) in Fargo, North Dakota. After that, he travelled the country extensively, working with a number of different teams and making numerous friends among the superhero community. For a while, he worked in Texas with the American-Mexican International Group Of Superheroes (A.M.I.G.O.S.); he had a brief assignment in Washington DC with the the White House Advanced Personnel Protective Office (W.H.A.P.P.O.); most recently, he worked with the Group Of Official Do-Gooders United in Suppressing Evil (G.O.O.D.G.U.I.S.E.) in the suburbs of Chicago before accepting his current assignment with the Society of Amazing, Valiant, and Extremely Unselfish Superheroes (S.A.V.E.U.S.) in Indianapolis.

It's unusual for someone with Mr. Mighty's experience to still be in the minor superhero leagues. The reason for this is simply that he puts his family ahead of his career. On one of his early adventures, he met his future wife, Jane. They kept in contact, even when his work required him to travel far away. Finally, he decided that, if he really was fighting to preserve the American way of life, he needed to get one of his own. He and Jane have been married for 17 years (at the story's start).

At times, Mr. Mighty's personal life has confilcted with his career. There have been periods when he's taken a break from heroics to hold down a regular job, just so he can spend more time at home. He's worked in construction, as a security guard, and even had a part-time job selling sporting goods during the holiday rush season. He hopes that his current assignment will finally allow him to make it to the major leagues of herodom.

Mr. Mighty's most obvious power is his strength, which is about 70 times that of a normal adult male. He is resistant to injury from knives, bullets, and anything up to an artillery shell. His vision is close to 100 times sharper than normal, and he can see in almost pitch darkness. He has worked hard learning to fight with skill as well as strength, and has a strong moral character. At times his attitudes seem a bit old-fashioned, but he believes very strongly in what he does, and is determined to be loyal to his teammates, his family, and his personal beliefs.

Author's Note:
In response to the obvious question: no, MM was not inspired by Mister Incredible, nor The Tick (though he shares elements of both). The biggest influence in his development comes from "Ralph and Sam", the sheepdog and wolf from a series of old Looney Tunes shorts. The two of them would meet each morning as they punched the time clock, battle all morning, have lunch together, resume fighting in the afternoon, then clock out at 5pm and walk home together.

In the same way, MM and his arch-nemesis live in the same neighborhood, their kids go to the same schools, and they have to interact outside of herodom/villainy. Thus, the two of them may end up discussing neighborhood issues during a pitched battle, with (as the Chroniclers put it) hilarious results.

In Mr. Mighty's world, superhero teams are set up similar to baseball leagues. Small towns have semi-pro teams; larger towns and cities have single-A, double-A, and triple-A teams; the implication is that the "major leagues" would be the DC and/or Marvel universes. Back to the Cast Page

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