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Matt O'Morph

NAME: Matthew Oliver Murphy AGE: 36
HAIR: Stringy black EYES: Dark brown
HEIGHT: Varies, average about 5'9" (175 cm)
WEIGHT: 156 lbs. (71 kg)
RACE: Caucasian, sort of
POWERS: Stretching, shape-changing

Matt didn't set out to be a superhero; he originally planned on being a teacher. But during his college freshman chemistry class, there was a bizarre accident involving an unknown alkaline solution, a dash of monosodium glutamate, a live electrical wire, a pack of Big Red cinnamon gum, and a mosquito. Whatever the cause, the result was that all the calcium was removed from Matt's skeleton, rendering his body into a flexible plastic state.

After a few months, Matt was able to get control over his body shape (more or less). He decided to leave teaching and take up superheroics. When not on active duty, he took evening classes in criminal justice, eventually earning his Bachelor's degree.

Matt is not exceptionally strong; through daily exercise, he has increased his strength to slightly above average. However, he is very flexible, able to squeeze through gaps less than a millimeter wide. He is also quick and agile, plus his flexible body makes him hard to hurt even if he is hit. His weakness is extreme temperatures; freezing cold will turn his body solid, while heat tends to make him excessively runny.

Matt's best asset is his mind. From his studies and years of crime-fighting, he has a good grasp of forensic criminology, and often works with police officers in the crime lab. He is also an excellent organizer and administrator. This last talent is what got him promoted to team leader of S.A.V.E.U.S.

Don't think that Matt is just a paper-pusher. He takes time to get to know his teammates, and makes sure that the work load is fairly spread out. Especially, he makes sure that any conflicts between team members are quickly ironed out, since it's vital that the entire team is able to trust each other in battle.

When not on duty, Matt usually spends time with other superheroes, since his odd appearance makes it hard for him to blend in with a normal crowd. He doesn't go much for outdoor activities, due to his sensitivity to temperature changes. He dates occasionally, but has trouble keeping a long-term relationship going; most women find the wobbly body too unsettling. Back to the Cast Page

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