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Shrinking Violent

NAME: Violet Hyacinth Klein AGE: 33
HEIGHT: 7'2" / 2'7" (218 cm / 79 cm)
WEIGHT: 155 lbs (70 kg)
EYES: violet/navy HAIR: purple/indigo
SKIN: caucasian/lilac
POWERS: super strength, berserker rage

Violet's family has a history of producing superheroes. When her parents noticed her rapid growth during childhood, they hoped that she might develop further powers. However, Violet's strength did not match her size, and she simply grew up to be a very tall, very thin, and very clumsy girl. During this time, her family also found out that she had diabetes, and had to constantly monitor her sugar intake. Violet's childhood was not happy, and it was made worse by two younger brothers who enjoyed teasing her about the size of her nose. Violet tried fighting back, but was told by her parents that, first, it wasn't ladylike to fight, and second, she shouldn't pick on someone smaller than herself.

Shortly after her eleventh birthday, her brothers were giving her a hard time as usual, this time actually poking and prodding her nose, telling her they were trying to make it shrink. Something snapped inside Violet's mind, and she began fighting back; as she did, her body shape began changing until she was actually smaller than her brothers. As her long muscles contracted, her strength increased exponentially, and she became a tiny dynamo of destruction. Her rampage was cut short when she found her brothers' stash of Halloween candy. After gobbling down a huge amount, she went into hypoglycemic shock (her body shape snapped back to normal at this point). Her family rushed her to the hospital, where she eventually recovered. From that day on, her brothers left her alone, and Violet had to find ways to manage her unusual condition.

Violet's strength in her berserk form has not been accurately measured, since she tends to simply smash anything in front of her. As a rough estimate, she is 75 to 100 times as strong as a normal adult male. However, she has no skill or style, just hitting the first thing she sees. After the initial burst of fury, she can be distracted by candy or sugar, which will shock her system back to normal, but can also have a life-threatening reaction. By painful trial and error, she and her teammates have found the smallest dose that will knock her out with minimal risk.

In her normal shape, Violet has average strength and above-average intelligenct. She has an excellent memory for details, making her a very efficient office administrator. She handles payroll, keeps on top of the endless piles of government regulations, and even remembers staff birthdays and anniversaries.

Due to her possibly life-threatening condition, Violet has developed a rather cynical personality. She rarely smiles, is constantly sarcastic, and on bad days can bring down the mood of everyone around her. Her only friend on the team is Dot; they often have lunch together, and occasionally go out for the evening (which normally consists of Violet drinking too much, pouring out her emotional troubles to Dot, then conking out on the ride home). Violet's negative attitude tends to put guys off; she hasn't dated in years. She lives alone with her pet cat. Back to the Cast Page

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