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Dolly Bird

NAME: Dolly Bird
AGE: 29
HAIR: blonde
EYES: black
FEATHERS: light blue
HEIGHT: 5'9" (with boots, 6'1") (175/185 cm)
WEIGHT: 70 lbs (32 kg)
WINGSPAN: 6'7" (2 meters)
POWERS: flight, sonic stunning voice, power kicks

Dolly Bird is an artificially created human/animal hybrid. Her "father" was a mad scientist obsessed with accelerating the pace of human genetic development. Unfortunately, his successes were few, and his failures were many and spectacular. Due to his poor results, he was known in mad-scientific circles as the Somewhat-Below-Average Evolutionary.

Dolly is one of his rare successful hybrids. She can use her powerful voice to stun opponents, and her strong legs can deliver devastating kicks. Her boots are tipped with steel spikes for extra attack damage. Her large wings and relatively light weight enable her to glide on air currents for hours at a time. In level flight she can maintain a steady speed of 40 mph, with short bursts of up to 60; in a dive, she can reach 175 mph.

Dolly's greatest handicap (no pun intended) is her lack of hands. She has difficulty holding heavy objects, and can't type normally on a keyboard. (Those making jokes about "hunt and peck" typing are severely beaten.) She compensates for this by using a variety of voice-controlled devices specially designed for her by her brother, G-Nat. One of her most unusual talents is the ability to modulate her voice like an old 300-baud acoustic modem, allowing her to enter information into the computer by singing to it.

Dolly grew up with her hybrid brothers and sisters in her father's secret compound. Actually, it wasn't that secret; while most mad scientists have remote mountain lairs, the S.B.A.E. had a small 5-acre spread near Peoria, Illinois known as "Tubafore Farm". Dolly served as a big sister to her less-abled siblings (the unsuccessful experiments). Tragically, most of them perished along with their creator in a fire, the cause of which was never fully known. Only Dolly, three other hybrids, and one henchman escaped the disaster which destroyed Tubafore.

Since she had spent most of her young life caring for others, Dolly naturally took up heroics when she lost her home. Her career has shown steady progress, and she has been scouted by some of the major-league teams.

Dolly has a pleasant, cheerful personality, and keeps contact with a large number of friends by e-mail. For some reason, she speaks with a British accent. She dates occasionally, but has had no long-term relationships. She lives with her brother and teammate, G-Nat. Back to the Cast Page

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