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NAME: Nate Diptera
AGE: 6 (actual) / 23 (human equivalent)
EYES: black compound
EXOSKELETON: dark grey
HEIGHT: 1.5 mm
WEIGHT: 0.2 gm
POWERS: Stealth, highly resistant to damage, electronics expert

G-Nat, like Dolly, is a creation of the Somewhat-Below-Average Evolutionary; he and Dolly consider each other brother and sister.

In spite of his tiny size, G-Nat is surprisingly strong. His strength is about half that of a normal adult male. His intelligence is above average, and he is the team's resident expert in electronic surveillance. (Anyone who just made a joke about "bugging" their enemies will soon have something unpleasant happen to their computer. Just so you know.)

G-Nat's tininess gives him the ideal means to sneak into enemy territory unnoticed. He can also sabotage computers, security cameras, and anything else with very small parts. He has designed some specialized equipment for the team, and has also made most of Dolly's voice-activated devices.

He his highly resistant to damage, and can take several blows without suffering serious injury. When outside, his sometimes swallowed by a stray pigeon, but is able to fight his way out easily (much to the pigeon's discomfort). His attack abilities are fairly limited; given several seconds, he can build up enough power to deliver one moderate punch (again, at half normal adult strength). His favorite tactic is flying into his opponent's ear and turning on a small nerve scrambler, which throws his foe totally off balance.

G-Nat is one of the few survivors of the fire that destroyed Tubafore Farms (the family compound near Peoria). In public, he treats Dolly the way any adult would treat an older sister; in private, they are very close, since they have very few other family members left. Recently (about a year before the story's start), G-Nat found a serious girlfriend, Julia Skimmer. Though not married, they live together, and are the proud parents of a swarm of 66 boys and 71 girls.

G-Nat adopted his tough gangsta personality to compensate for his size; he doesn't manage to be as intimidating as he'd like. His closest friend is S.B.D., his partner on the S.A.V.E.U.S. technical squad. Back to the Cast Page

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