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Dot Dash

NAME: Dorothea (Axel) Morse
AGE: 28
HEIGHT: 5'3" (160 cm)
WEIGHT: 98 lbs (45 kg)
HAIR: black
EYES: brown
RACE: African-American
POWERS: super speed, martial arts

Dot's mother worked at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Middletown, Pennsylvania. In March of 1979, there was a malfunction in one of the cooling lines, causing radioactive steam to be released into the atmosphere. What is less well known is that the same steam line was used in the espresso machine in the company cafeteria. Dot's mother had a cup of radioactive cappuccino, not knowing that she had just become pregnant. In December of that same year, Dot was born.

From an early age, little Dot was unusually fast. She was walking by 8 months, and by age 4 could out-run kids twice her age. When she started breaking Olympic records at age 9, her parents finally realized that they might have a superhero in the family.

Dot's top speed is hard to measure; she tends to cause meltdowns in treadmills (one clocked her at just over 400 mph before it went kerflooey). She hopes one day to visit the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where she can run flat out and get an accurate reading of her best speed. In the city, she has to be careful of obstacles, cars, pedestrians, buildings and so on; even with caution, she can cross the entire city in less than five minutes.

Early in her hero career, Dot learned that just speed is not enough; she has been studying martial arts since she was 19. She has a black belt in karate, and is working toward one in taekwondo as well. Her gloves and boots are reinforced with kevlar and high-impact plastic, so that she can deliver powerful blows without hurting her own hands or feet. Dot has no special resistance to injury and can be hurt by any foe who hits her (but being so fast, it's very hard for an opponent to actually land a blow).

To match her quick hands and feet, Dot also has a quick temper. She is highly competitive, and hates to lose (even in practice sparring matches with her teammates). Dot is also a quick thinker in combat, making her an excellent tactician. Because of this, she was promoted to deputy leader of the S.A.V.E.U.S. team.

Dot's closest friend on the team is Violet. They often share lunch, and go out together when they're both off duty. Dot is married and has a 5-year-old son, who so far shows no superhuman abilities. Her husband, Robert, works for the U.S. Postal Service as a letter carrier. Back to the Cast Page

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