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Sharpley, Thump

Thomas H. "Thump" Sharpley is Ben Sharpley's son from his first marriage. Thump barely made it into the world. His mother died during childbirth, and Thump was left with a minor mental handicap. In spite of his disability, he keeps a cheerful attitude, works hard, and tries to be as helpful as he can.

Thump was named by his grandmother. When he was born, his father was too distraught to pick a name, so Grandma Sharpley named her new grandson for her two favorite singers -- Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdinck. Yes, Thump's middle name is "Humperdinck". Back to the Cast Page

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I'm a middle-aged computer programmer from Indiana, but I've always enjoyed doodling and drawing. After discovering webcomics recently, I decide to try my hand at creating one. My wife thinks I'm crazy. My wife is a very sensible woman. ... full profile