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Don't hold back, what do you REALLY think of him?

How much trouble is Prayut in?  How much has he been in before?  Will Jintara help him out in spite of her anger?  For a hint on the last question, click on the TWC Vote button.

Jintara brings up an interesting point ... how far would you be willing to go to help a family member?

Still managed to get this page done on time, in spite of having to drive clear across the state and back on Thursday.  My butt is unhappy.

BTW, anyone still curious about the embroidery machine, contact me at eagedeon@yahoo.com

A stitch in time saves nine Doctors.  (The other four have to fend for themselves.)

Gordon Douglas (albertanerd) says:

How far would I go?  That depends.  What is my relation to the family member, and is the family member a habitual shop-lifter, or a serial rapist?

Jinarta knows her son is of the latter sort.  IOW, she knows there will be more victims.  She is going to help him anyway.  Now, I can't pretend to know what the mother-child bond feels like, but regardless, helping him get away with his crime makes her just as guilty of it as he is.  It makes one wonders how many times has this happened before.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Just to clarify, Prayut is her younger brother, not her son.  Mentioned back here ...


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