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Mondays and Fridays
Ain't that a kick in the head.

Prayut never learned to share.  Or if he did, he forgot long ago.

Yeah, he's going to cause trouble sometime tonight.  What are the rest of the gang up to?  Click on the TWC Vote button for a preview.  (Yes, a new preview!)

Sorry for my prolonged absence.  My wife had to make an emergency trip to the hospital, and they found some things that are not good.  She is home now and feeling better, but we're still looking at some long-term treatment.  All I can say is, thank God for COBRA.  (That's the medical insurance, not the G.I. Joe villains.)

Yeah, that's the other thing ... after struggling at work for the past few months, I got let go last week.  On the bright side (if it can be called that), I get a few weeks of severace pay, which should give me time to find something new.  Plus I can look for work closer to home, now that Joan needs me close by.  Plus I have more time to draw!

Updates will be Monday-Friday for the next few weeks at least.  Keeping it going as best I can ...

A David Merritt (admerritt) says:

Wow, what a rough patch, no worries from us, and keep your chin up.

James Anspach (adriraven) says:

Looks like Prayut learned to share fists and feet, at least.


My best goes out to you, it's a rough situation.  Here's hopingyou find something suitable again quickly, and that your wife pulls through okay.


On a lighter note, I have to say, I think COBRA probably would run some sort of insurance biz through that coporate front that Tomax and Xamot have.

R L (princess613) says:

Ouch! That's a tough situation to be in... I hope things get better quickly.

COBRA is such a cool acronym for insurance anything!

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