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Mondays and Fridays
You call for help, you get help.

How to rescue a girl ... Step one, find the girl.  Now that we've done that, can Steve handle this guy?  He may need some help ... click on the TWC Vote button to see if any is coming.

Spent a couple of hours on Saturday getting together with some other comic artists in the Fort Wayne area.  We're trying to get a group organized for regular monthly meet-ups.  Anyone in or around Fort Wayne who likes comics, drop me a line at eagedeon@yahoo.com .

It's supposed to be spring ... did Mother Nature oversleep or something?


Katherine Stimpson (dancing4jesus) says:

It's already summer in the south.  Not sure how I feel about that...  :)

John E (barn0wl) says:

Fort Wayne? Is that anywhere near Flagstaff, AZ? No? Darn.

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