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It's an Unpleasant job, but ...

Hey, he's only a minor-league villain ... he can't be evil *all* the time.

A few subtle changes ... I'm switching to a different font, and I'm trying a couple of different things with shading and coloring.  I would like to think that my skills have improved a bit, doing this for a year now.

I just realized that I started this strip almost exactly a year ago.  Instead of doing 3-per-week updates (which would have produced 156 episodes), I've done about 70, not counting fillers.  At this rate, I should reach the final chapter by the time I'm 60.  Or 70.

Remember when comedians made jokes about how bottled water was more expensive than gasoline?

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Karen & Bill Drastal (karetoons) says:

Dang...did my last comment not get submitted? I think my browser messed up, well let me re-cap;

Love the new additions, your style is getting better it looks great. Kudos to you! mmmmm Kudos...

Should I drink bottled gasoline now? 

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