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Think of the children!

If there isn't actually a sign like that outside your local school, there should be.

Machines seems to be conspiring against me today.  I had a piece of test equipment conk out on me at work this morning, my Photoshop crashed 3 times while coloring today's comic, and WCN was running slow & cranky when I tried to upload.  Hopefully, this comic doesn't get double-posted.

I've created a page for this comic over at Comixpedia .  It's still incomplete, since some of my artwork is still on my wife's computer back home in Ft. Wayne.  Maybe I can get it completed this weekend ... except that I was away last weekend, and my wife has a nice long list of yardwork jobs waiting for me (a 3-day weekend may not be enough).

If I don't get another comic posted before Monday ... enjoy your holiday weekend, and remember the *real* heroes that made it possible.

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Karen & Bill Drastal (karetoons) says: Mutagens? Dang and I was planning my block mutagen party next week! Now we'll have to send all the decorations back...
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