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When someone Odious is at your door ...

Yeah, how did you think he managed to get those lightning bolts to flash whenever he said his name?  (The pull-chain in panel 4 is a bit of a giveaway ... maybe he can rig up some kind of remote?)

It didn't actually take that long to draw this episode ... one I found time to sit down and draw.  Holiday weekends mean lots of family commitments.  And after this week, I think I'll be ready to be committed.

You know, it gets tiring writing dialog that just goes, "Hi, I'm A ... Hi, I'm B", so I'll just tell you that Prof. Odious's wife is named January (Jan for short), and the boys are Cameron (older) and Melvin (younger).  A brownie point to you if you can spot the obvious joke.

You think this is a lot of new characters at once?  Wait 'til next time when the all the neighbors arrive.

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