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Just some of the neighbors getting together ...

Lots of neighbors getting together, and more coming.  Rather than introduce everyone, I realized, hey, there's this thing called the cast page.  Most of these newcomers are listed under "minor characters".

I also made some changes to the archives ... the individual bio pages for each of the S.A.V.E.U.S. members have been moved to the cast page as well. 

Sorry for just the one-panel update, even if it is an oversize one.  I've just completed a bunch of medical tests, just so the doctors can tell me there's nothing wrong with me ... and after I finish with them, THEN I get sick.  Some nasty Martian virus clobbered both me & my wife, and we're both just now recovering.  So with being sick, and then working overtime to make up for the missed days, drawing time has been in short supply.

One thing I did finish was another cartoon for Palindramas.  Dan Mazur gave me featured billing this week.  Yay Dan!

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