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Mondays and Fridays
Getting to mingle with the mature adult crowd ...

Lots more new faces!  Read the frabjabbin' cast page if you want to know who they all are ... well, at least you should recognize Dot, even if she's out of uniform.

Next time, the meeting gets underway ... Jane has a story to tell.

After doctor's appointments and sick days and time off, I'm finally getting caught back up at work, so the updates should be less sporadic.

If you have a webcomic of your own that you'd like to promote, or just to discuss comics with others, visit Webcomics Inc.  You're gonna meet some gentle people there ...

Luke Gedeon (lgedeon) says:

"Less sporadic"

I like it. Almost one of those dreaded double negatives, but so perfectly excuted as to make it completely forgivable if even detected.

Karen & Bill Drastal (karetoons) says: My apartment always smells like Xbox and Meatballs...should I be concerned?
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I'm a middle-aged computer programmer from Indiana, but I've always enjoyed doodling and drawing. After discovering webcomics recently, I decide to try my hand at creating one. My wife thinks I'm crazy. My wife is a very sensible woman. ... full profile