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Looking at your opponent from a different angle ...

Jane's last line is one of the great quotes of all time, thanks to Groucho Marx and Bugs Bunny ...

Hey, lookee the fancy shading!  Trying new things with the Wacom tablet.  I got the idea from Dan Shive, creator of El Goonish Shive (a bizarre but very good comic).  Create a new layer in Photoshop, take a plain black brush at about 30% opacity, and you can make very good shadows very easily.

Originally, this page was going to be about twice as long, but I would never have finished it on time.  The good news is that the other part of it is already halfway done, so maybe I can get it posted early next week.  Hey, two comics in one week, what a torrid pace!

I've had four headhunters calling me in the last 3 days, offering me jobs from North Carolina to Illinois.  Weird.

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