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Mondays and Fridays
And the hits just keep on coming ...

As the manager of Three Mile Island once said, "OK, that can't be good..."

I said I'd get another episode up early in the week ... well, technically, anything before noon on Wednesday could qualify as "early" right?  Still experimenting with the additional shading; I think it adds a lot to the artwork.  How 'bout some feedback?

Gotta see if I can get another episode finished this week (next one's short), plus start work on next batch of WCI High.  It never ends, does it?

Emily P (emilyp) says: Yes! use of shadows is key!  I'm not sure what the time commitment is for you, so I'm not qualified to say that it's worth every second, but I suspect that it is.
Marleen de Kramer (malabarista) says: I'm more busy being fascinated at the fact that a guy without pockets has manage to secrete a yo-yo about his person...
Luke Gedeon (lgedeon) says:


He keeps it in his sleeve/wristband. :)

Marleen de Kramer (malabarista) says:

Oooh, I want one of those! I always have too many random things floating around in my pockets... Makes it too easy for Gollum to guess.

Love the eyebrows in the last panel, btw!

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