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When a joke gets out of hand ...

She could have been "Silver" or "Steel", but "Iron Jane" just sounds like someone you wouldn't want to mess with.  And yes, I had this joke planned from the start.

Anything look different about this page?  Those of you from Webcomics Inc. may already know ... this is the first episode drawn entirely on the graphics tablet.  No pencil, pen, or paper used at all.  Hey, I've joined the 21st century, woohoo!

Also, Dan Mazur gave me another guest appearance at Palindramas.

I'm still learning how to use the tablet properly, but it seems to speed things up a bit ... we shall see this coming week, as I have to do 3 strips for WCI High next week, plus the regular episode here, plus take time to visit family on Thanksgiving and ask my mom why she didn't tell me she was in the hospital with pneumonia ... she's back home now, but sheesh, I would have liked to know ...

In spite of all the stress in my life, I am thankful for my wife and my family ... this week, if you're thankful for someone in your life, be sure to tell them.

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