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All the pieces are in place ...

Things are about to get serious ...

I like the way the art looks with the shading, but Photoshop hates it ... it keeps locking up and I have to re-start over and over ... anyway, I finally got this complete at 2am.  AGAIN.

Know what?  Leaving out fillers, and the bio pages that I later moved to the cast page ... counting only story episodes ... this is Episode #100 of Everyday Heroes!  (And there was much rejoicing!  Yay!)

Stay tuned ... major events coming very shortly ...

nathaniel miller (skavensrule) says: Congrats on the 100th strip!  I forget what the stastictics say about average duration of a new webcomic but I do know that you are well past it.  I hope to be congratulating you again after another 100.
Matt Stout (mattstout) says: Great installment, Ed!  Congratulations on reaching 100!  I really like the shading.  I love it!
Lincoln Robertson (lincoln_r) says:


I have been reading this comic for a long time, and while I enjoy it and think that the artwork is great, I am always frustrated by the time lag between new episodes.

 I truely hope that you will spend less time on the art and more time on the story.  We still have to find out what is up with the girls at school and about the evil guy down the street.

 Not meaning to offend, but I tune in for cool characters and interesting storey, not great shading.


Keep up the great story!


Marleen de Kramer (malabarista) says:

Congrats on reaching 100!

And I'm afraid I disagree with Lincoln. Wanting to get ahead is no excuse for sloppy artwork. I think you've come a long way art-wise, Ed, which isn't to say it was bad at first, just that it's better now!

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