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Mr. Mighty needs to think fast ...

Due to the whole cruddy economy, everyone at my office has to take a week off either before or after Easter.  (I just found that out this week, how nice.)  At any rate, I'll be spending the next week at home.  If the next episode looks different, it will be because I had to draw it using pencil and paper instead of the Wacom.

Spring in the air, and you'll fall in the lake.

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gwen patton (ardrhi) says: Hmmmm...first time I noticed that Paul's big honkin' ball-gauntlet had little blinkenlights on it.  I wonder if the reason he's able to swing it around and do so much damage with such a heavy ball is because it's augmented by gadgetry in that gauntlet.  Gadgetry that can be...squeezed?
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