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That's one way to drive her point home ...

Not that I approve of her methods, but can you blame her?

Sorry for the slow update ... my current job will be ending in another month, so I've been spending part of my evenings job hunting instead of drawing.  I thought of splitting this into two updates, but there really wasn't a good way to do it; it works best as a single page.

Will Jane get her revenge?  Find out next time ...

John Campbell (jcampbel) says:

Come on, Jane, he's obviously a Hero. He can't let you do that.

What you do is say, "Yes, a crutch! Exactly!" and then when mullet-guy is off looking for those bolt cutters, that's when you remodel J.P.'s skull with the sledgehammer.

Timothy Whitcomb (hroar) says:

You know, it just occured to me..in a way, this is Dr. Jekkel (sp?) and Mr Hyde, regarding Paul..


All the great stories com e back, in one form or the other. I think you have done well with this one!

gwen patton (ardrhi) says: Thuch a big hammer.  She's tho mad.  Think she's a little Thor?
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