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Mondays and Fridays
Who is the unexpected visitor?  (Like you can't guess ...)

Jane receives an unexpected visitor ... who is *not* wearing a mask ...

Have I mentioned before that I detest Vista?  Photoshop crashed half a dozen times while I was trying to get this stupid page completed ... I would have had this done yesterday if not for having to re-do so much lost work.

One job interview, got turned down ... a few other applications still pending.  Times are tough.

Drive carefully this weekend, y'all.

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Wayne (wayne) says:

There's a reason why I switched to Mac 3 1/2 years ago after using every Microsoft OS since Dos 1.0.  I still make my living with SQL Server as a DBA, but I'm a Mac user at home.  I've never had CS3 crash on me.

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