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A shocking twist in the plot!

Shocking, isn't it?  (I know, I know, but somebody had to say it.)

With all the copy-and-paste in this strip, it shouldn't have taken me this long to finish.  One reason for the delay is that I've been trying to do more guest comics to get some publicity for this site.  If and when they run, I'll let you know.

Readership has been going up lately ... thanks and welcome to any and all new readers.

Timothy Whitcomb (hroar) says: He actually had cigarettes left? They didnt fry?
John Higley (jedraft) says:



That's funny.  And the writing and the art is getting better all the time.  This isn one of the comics I follow regularly.  I like the sort of "Incredibles" take on the typical comic-book superhero story.  Keep it up! 

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