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Good night, folks.

Here's a bit of trivia for you ... a few days ago, I was looking through the archives, when I came across a MAJOR continuity error.  Just a casual comment that one character made, but it created a huge plot hole.  (You won't find it now, because I went back and fixed it.)

If you're curious, go back and take a look at the comic for July 30, 2007.  Mr. Mighty and Jane were debating whose turn it was to clean up after the cat ... in the third panel, I realized that his first line was "...but when you went to visit your Mom..." WRONG!

Back then, I knew that Jane was a former villain, but I hadn't written all of her back story.  I was thinking of having a family reunion, or Thanksgiving dinner, with the hero and villain sides of the family rubbing elbows and forcing themselves to be polite.  Later on, as I developed more of the overall story, it became necessary for Jane to cut herself off from her old life.

There are several different threads to the plot, and eventually they will all weave together.  Your patience will eventually be rewarded.

Oh, and thanks to Gwen for the email about last episode.  That really made my day.


Sam Daniel (samhdaniel) says: Marko missed out on some major husband points in panel 3 by not telling Jane that she still has the legs of an 18-year-old cheerleader.... And she does, from what I've seen.
David Harmon (mental_mouse) says: Well yeah, not to mention she can still fit into her villain-suit from "college"! ;-)
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