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It's better to be lucky than good ... but if you're good enough, you don't need luck.

Good shot ... but can she do it again?  (Any bets?)

Speaking of points ... anybody look at the WebComicsNation "Popular & New Today" page lately?  Like, in the list of the All-Time Top 100?  Thanks to all you readers who have been following along ... and I hope I can keep you interested for a while longer yet; the story's just beginning.

As for the new job ... the work itself is OK, everything else not so much.  Gotta be grateful for any job these days, but I miss home ... "Spring has sprung, fall has fallen / Think I hear my hometown callin' ..."


Christopher Bacon (tricksterson) says: Hmmm, why do I get the feeling that was no accident?  Or am I paranoid?
Timothy Whitcomb (timothywhitcomb) says:

nah! You arnt paranoid..teh other two ladies were set-up! 8-)

"I surely dont know how to play this game?" 8-) LOL! And they fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

gwen patton (ardrhi) says: "Po-ker?  Gee, I never heard of THAT game...what are the rules?" "Gee, those balls on that green table sure are pretty.  Tell me what I do with this long stick thing again?" They fell for one of the OLDEST tricks in the book.  Hell, I've hustled pool that way MYSELF when I was TWELVE at summer camp.
Christopher Bacon (tricksterson) says:

Actually I don't think she's familiar with the game.  Remember, she is an alien.  I just think she has an unnatural (for a human anyway, who knows about her race) ability to calculate angle, force vestors etc.

Btw, have we been told her race's name yet?  I forget.

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says: @Christopher:  No, I haven't mentioned the name of Uma's race yet ... All Will Be Revealed At The Proper Time.
HiddenNow (twobooks) says:

Sorry for nitpicking, I'm confused about the physics displayed in this page. I guess I can pretend that with the fourth green ball in the last panel, it moved the white ball further towards its supposed collision, making the assumed straight line collision to happen.

What I don't get is how the white ball, which probably has a smaller mass, displays such elastic collision. I mean, we're supposed to assume the red and green balls are of the same mass, unless the game's rigged, yet with each collision comes a greater distance traveled by the proceeding ball. With the final collision, we also get the white ball moving close to 90 degrees.

Honestly, when I say this, I mean it, but I'm rusty in physics. Still, Am I reading too much into this, or is this improbable aiming at its finest? :D 

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

@Jordan: Yes, you're reading too much into it, and yes, it is improbable aiming at its finest.  This falls more under "Rule of Funny" than rules of physics.

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