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Try to talk nice to a girl, and what does it get you?

OK, we've about worn out the hammer jokes.  Not to mention the hammers themselves.

I had this page almost completed before Gwen sent in her comment on the previous page.  I think she's reading my mind ... spooooooky ...

Two books, one good one not.  "Unseen Academicals" by Terry Pratchett is good ... another Discworld novel with a lot of new characters, a few well-known ones, a good story, and Pterry's typical offbeat style.  On the other hand ... if you enjoyed the "Hitchhiker's Guide" books by Douglas Adams, do *not* bother with "And Another Thing ..." by Eoin Colfer.  With the approval of Adams' estate, Mr. Colfer tried to tie up the loose ends of the "Hitchhiker's" series, and failed painfully.  Avoid it.

I get to go home next week!  Family!  Wife!  Food that isn't Budget Gourmet!  Hoorays!

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gwen patton (ardrhi) says:

*Telepathically copying down Ed's credit card number...* oh, uh, er...hi.  Um. *blush*


I love Carrie's facial expressions in this one, especially panel 4.  
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