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Mondays and Fridays
Not Lyndon ... you know, the other one.

For those readers outside the USA, there were two Presidents named Johnson.  One was President during the 1960's, the other during the 1860's.

It was good to be home for a few days.  I'll find out in the coming weeks if I get to stay in Pennsylvania for another few months, or head back home and look for work again.

All the winter snow is melting.  They should rename this month "Mush".

UPDATE:  OK, so I fixed his glasses in the first panel, and edited his line in the second.  Anything to keep the readers happy.

Luke Gedeon (lgedeon) says:

I am from the US, a history buff, and I still did not catch the Andrew Johnson reference until I saw your footnote.

For some reason I thought Andrew was a name for Mr. Mighty that we had not heard yet. :)

Anyway, it seems like it would still have as much impact if you changed the bubble to say, "Andrew Johnson" instead of just "Andrew"

BTW, I have been reading these since about page 4 and have really enjoyed them. Keep up the great work.

Ralph Hayes (rhjunior) says:

This is why the "superhero registration act" is such a wallbanger. Criminalizing heroism? Punishing people for doing good deeds? Is this the precedent ANY society would want to set? What about the Good Samaritan laws and the Greater Good precedent?

Robin Zimmermann (packbat) says: Glasses in panel 1?
gwen patton (ardrhi) says:

Yeah, 'fraid I gotta second that one.  I was gonna say, I thought his name was Marion.  I think the suggestion of changing the balloon to "ANDREW Johnson" is a good one.

Seems like a harsh punishment for something where there were exigent circumstances.  You'd think something akin to the Good Samaritan laws that protect citizens who render first aid from liability would also protect superheroes who act in emergency circumstances.  I mean, what's the moral difference between stepping up to save one person's life with CPR and stepping up to save a busful by pushing them out of the way of a speeding train?  (Ok, grumpily kicking, but you get the point.)

But I suppose you have an arc plotted out that will make it All Make Sense, so I'll just sit back and watch it unfold.

dasd asdsfsfg (kingsdaughter613) says:

Actually if you do CPR and you're not certified you CAN be prosecuted. Even if you were previously certified and have since failed to renew certification you cannot perform CPR without running the risk of being penalised. I see the rules as being something similar. Don't do CPR without certification; don't be a superhero without a license.

David Harmon (mental_mouse) says:

I'll also note they're sentencing a hero to work for the public benefit, which is what they try to do anyway.  Sounds like a roundabout way to make sure that some of the super-muscle wandering around gets pointed at non-charismatic stuff like run-down schools.

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