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Would that be a sharp tongue or a dull wit?

A couple of readers have mentioned that the comic has been getting too serious, and is lacking in humor.  Well, after this episode ... it's still devoid of humor.

I want to get some drawing done this weekend, but the weather's gonna be too nice to stay in.  Maybe I can take my laptop and draw outside?

While I've got you here, I want to talk a bit about the "Superhero Registration" rule in the E.H. world.  Mr. Mighty works for an "official" team.  They cooperate with the regular police forces, and receive funding from the local government.  Because they get public funding, the members have to be registered and go through background checks, just like a police officer would.

There are also independent teams that are funded privately.  The members of these teams don't have to register or go through the same scrutiny.

When he first met Jane, Mr. Mighty was working for a federal group based in Washington D.C.  When he started seeing Jane (after her release), he had to deal with pressure from his superiors, who wondered why he was spending so much time with a former felon.  (This will show up in a later story.)

I hope that answers some of your concerns.  If you have any further questions, throw them at me and I'll do my best to hit them back.

Spring in the air!  Fall in the lake!


Mary Potts (queenofcapes) says:

Hey, there's nothing wrong with a comic Growing the Beard. :)  That pun, however, is a crime.  Shame on you.

I'm a bit curious actually about how Mr. Mighty wore civillian clothes when he went to visit Jane, but now seems to wear his Super Suit 24/7.  Did he used to have a secret identity or something?  Is it just that he wears the suit "to work" and then doesn't bother to change?  What's the deal there?

David Johnston (davidj) says:

Mighty probably just didn't want Jane to get hassled by her fellow inmates. 


As for the author/artist.  I'm not sure your explanation works.  If private superheros don't need to register, then why would Mighty be in trouble for doing a little heroing before signing in? 

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

@DavidJ -- you're right, Mr. Mighty was trying to avoid causing trouble for Jane.  As for why he now wears it around the house, that falls under the Rule Of Funny.


As for the registration mix-up, chalk it up to 1) legislators' fondness for making the heroes jump through hoops, with the excuse of "protecting the public"; and 2) it's a flimsy plot device.

gwen patton (ardrhi) says:

@DavidJ: It's also quite possible that different jurisdictions have different rules.  Much like different states, and in some states, different municipalities, have wildly different laws governing every aspect of gun ownership and use, they might have very different laws regarding when a superhero can ply their trade. 

Washington, DC might have one rule for Federally-registered heroes, where the registration itself is good enough, and simply not having the card on them does not make their actions illegal, where another, more paranoid town might actually want to check "yo papizz" if you're running around in spandex, kicking buses and punching trains, smelling of lemony-fresh chickens.

In yet another jurisdiction, going to court with the card might present an "affirmative defense", much like going to court with your proof that you actually did have car insurance at the time of the moving violation, resulting in that part of the charge being dropped.

Mary Potts (queenofcapes) says:

Hmm.  Well, Ed, the Troper in me can understand the notion of a plot device, but the nerd in me likes Gwen's explanation.  Hooray for State Laws!

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