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He does kinda look like the guy from that movie ...

Slap a number 95 on his back, and he could pass for Lightning McQueen ... well, maybe not.  Anyway, Mr. Mighty will soon be spending his free time helping the general public.  Which is what he does during his work hours.  And then he goes home and tackles the honey-do list ...

A little explanation about the first panel:  the Chicago Convention was held back in the 1970's.  It set out guidelines for superhero/villain conflicts, defined the major and minor league levels, and included examples of allowed and prohibited activities.  Remember when Mr. Mighty tied up a couple of bank robbers using a parking meter?

The Chicago Convention also included requirements for cities that wanted superheroes; for example, keeping a number of abandoned warehouses or factories set aside for climactic battles.  (These days, a lot of municipalities are relocating their battle sites to Detroit.)

My new office has far fewer XKCD comics posted than my old office.  I'll have to do something about that.

E.T. the Eccentric Type (et_the_eccentric_type) says:

The resemblance is so uncanny.

Mr. Mighty doesn't have headlights; neither does Lightning McQueen.

Mr. Mighty has less than nine wheels; so does Lightning.

Mr. Mighty can't breathe chlorine...

Mr. Mighty doesn't own a giraffe...

Mr. Mighty can't play a theremin...

Mr. Mighty has no sense of smission...

Mr. Mighty is not colored turoquoise...

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

What makes you think Mr. Mighty can't play the theremin??

Avilyn (avilyn) says:

Happy Thanksgiving, Ed! Thanks for the comic (and the filks at Skin Horse & Narbonic). :-)

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