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...and we leave plenty of loose ends for future story arcs.

Of course the Big Bad always gets away!  You wouldn't want our heroes to be out of work, would you?

I hadn't originally planned for "Blades" to be anything more than a passing reference.  But several readers' commented that he sounded cool, so I filled out his character, and found a way to link him into the overall story.  And besides, Mr. Mighty could use a few more foes in his Rogues' Gallery.

My wife and I have both been fighting some kind of nasty more-than-just-a-cold all week, so we finally went to the doctor and got some medications.  I don't know what's in this stuff they gave me, but I am *buzzed*.  I want to go cut the lawn or chop wood or plow the north forty or something.

Spring is here, spring is here!  Life is skittles and life is beer!

Wayne (wayne) says:

I am really looking forward to the further adventures of Blade, loved the 'for a guy called Blade he sure likes bullets!'  You might even say that my pulse will be quicknin' with each drop of strychnine.

Amber Thompson (msfrost) says:

How often do we se Mr Mighty, without his cowl?

Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Not very often ... this is the first time that wasn't a flashback.

Amber Thompson (msfrost) says:

I wondered, because I had never seen it before.

David Harmon (mental_mouse) says:

Hmm.  Does MM still have his hair, or has it all been rubbed off from wearing that cowl all the time?

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