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What sort of magazine is that anyway?

As you may remember, this episode was set up by a previous episode ...

I know the more astute and observant readers will ask, "Where did Summer's swatter go in panel 5?"  And the simple answer is: The same place it came from in panel 4.  When it's not needed, it disappears.  (Don't you wish politicians were like that?)

Lots of fun at the Gedeon estates these days (by which I mean, "not fun at all and very expensive").  First, during the spell of cool weather last week, Joan switched the furnace on ... and immediately noticed an odd smell.  The furnace guy comes out, and finds that the burner is failing, leaving unburned gas and carbon monoxide.  (Needless to say, we shut it down immediately.)  Next, our old house that we're renting developed a roof leak, plus some plumbing problems that let sewer gas in.  So, the checkbook has been getting a workout these days ... wish I could get lean that fast.

Praying for continued employment.  I have to keep supporting these repairmen's families.

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Jennifer McGaffey (jjmcgaffey) says:

Nicely done flashback! I went and looked at the previous episode, but you'd covered the pertinent bits in this comic...

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