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The technical term for panel 4 is "muchas smooches".

Hey, nothing like a little romance to boost the readership, right?

It's been a while ... Gloria and Greta were last seen together back here.  (Gloria's the blonde, she's the same age as the boys.)  In case you couldn't tell, in the first panel Greta is trying to say "Mazel tov".

And yes, Greta has a smart phone.  Back when I was her age, we had no cell phones, a black-and-white TV that got 4 channels, and I was all excited when I got a 3-speed bike.  The "good old days" were @#$%.

I tried a slightly larger font, hoping to make the text a little more readable.  Of course, I would pick one of the wordiest episodes to do this ...

Panel 4 is brought to you by the Don Martin Memorial Onomatopoetic Society.

gwen patton (ardrhi) says:


David Harmon (mental_mouse) says:

LOL! on his expression in the last panel!  But I suspect Greta may need to have her hearing checked....  (You'd think she'd have seen a of "mazel tov!" online, but "poverty" tears it...)


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