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Now that's what I call a pocket protector ...

ED:  Mr. Mighty once got some spare change from his pocket to help a couple of guys, remember?  Apparently, this technology is common among the superhero/supervillain community.  The question is, why does a third-grader have access to this?  Stay tuned ...

Today we get to see how well my exercise program has been working ... I'm off to run a 5K for the first time in about nine years.  Yipe.

ERIK:  I hope everyone's enjoying the new art.  I always try to draw things in the style that seems most appropriate.  With Everyday Heroes, I'm using some inspiration from the DCAU (shows like Batman The Animated Series), as well as from more comical sources like Futurama and some other webcomics I frequent.

I'm having a good time learning the cast and getting myself acquainted with the comic and I hope that you like my take on the look.


Brian Bogue (brianbogue) says:

It's probably the same place the women keep their hammers

Jennifer McGaffey (jjmcgaffey) says:

The art's not bad...but I really liked Ed's version. This is a little more cartoony, which makes it harder for me to "see" the characters. YMMV.

Is hammerspace technological? It seems to appear automatically, rather than having to be bought or otherwise obtained. But we've never seen anyone _acquire_ hammerspace, so I suppose it could be a gadget.

Brian Bogue (brianbogue) says:

I think it might be automatic with females but something like that would be studied to death by male mad scientists, so they may have found a way for males to duplicate it technologically

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