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Do NASCAR drivers ever try this tactic?

ED:  I wonder if NASCAR drivers ever try this tactic.  Will Greta have to kiss Mel?  Or will Mel get one right in the kisser?  Stay tuned, race fans ...

ERIK:  Having picked up Mario Kart 7 recently, I can only imagine to the horrible hand cramps that I'm sure Greta and Mel are enduring by the end of this comic...even if they aren't showing it.

Brian McCloud (mauvecloud) says:

I doubt they're playing Mario Kart 7, since that's a 3DS game (I looked it up), and they've got PS3 controllers there. I don't play racing games myself, so I'm not sure there are any that would behave this way, but if it's a sudden-death race, and Mel distracted Greta into crashing fairly early, they might not have hand cramps.

Erik Boismier (erboi) says:

I didn't mean to say that they're playing Mario Kart 7, just that having been playing a racing game in particular a lot lately, I have been finding my hands cramp up a lot.  The again, that's also thanks to the shape of the 3DS.

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