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The questions isn't "if", but "when".

ED:  I'll put five bucks on 24.

Some news.  First, thanks to Erik's hard work, our readership is picking up ... we just had our best month ever!  (Which is impressive for only a 30-day month.)  Next, I'm starting to add new voting incentives.  If you click on the TWC Vote button below, you can learn a little about Mr. Mighty's high school days.

And lastly, we have a "tip jar" button for anyone who would like to help us out.  Any donation makes you eligible for the latest wallpaper image (a new one is coming for May).

ERIK:  This is reminding me so much of my first girlfriend, it's frightening.


Joseph Rasche (thewarriorofmanyfaces) says:

They're all doing it wrong. Instead of betting on a specific time, which will ensure that it doesn't happen then, bet that everyone else is wrong. That maximizes your chances of winning something by taking advantage of the unspoken rule: if a plan/prediction is said out loud, it will not happen as planned/predicted.

That, and you're automatically covering more outcomes by betting on everything that hasn't been bet on already.

Also, I'm totally stealing "Bowsie-Lousy" if I ever need a nasty name to call the Koopa King. XD

Mark Chapman (aardvark86) says:

OK, consider the question I asked last time answered.

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